TUITION PRICE:   A week at Camp Wiregrass is $130 and this price includes lodging, meals, snacks, and all camper activities.  T-shirts are not included but are available for sale in the office and at check-in. All applications are submitted online and will require a $15 deposit along with a small processing fee.  Your $15 deposit will be subtracted from the total and the balance will be due at check-in time. Checks and cash will be accepted at check-in desk. ALL DEPOSITS AND PROCESSING FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE.

FAMILY DISCOUNTS:  A family discount is available for parents with more than one child to send to camp provided that all siblings are registered in one online submission.  With our online registration system multiple camper registrations are easily done.  Once the information for each child has been entered, the system will show the first child's tuition at $130 and the remaining children will show a tuition rate of $125 each.  A $15 deposit and processing fees are required for each camper.

THIRD PARTY PAYMENTS:  If a grandparent, other family member or friend, foster agency, a church or any other person or agency will be paying for your child to attend camp; please either phone us at 334-347-0111 or email us at [email protected] for special instructions on how to register.   

WHICH WEEK TO APPLY FOR?   Always remember that Bible material and activities are age sensitive at camp. We break our campers into grade groups with respect to the grade the child is in during the spring months before camp season starts.  So, look at the grade your child is in April/May before camp begins in June.  If he/she is a 6th grader, register for one of our 5th & 6th grade weeks.  If he/she is in 9th grade in April/May, register for one of our 7th, 8th & 9th grade weeks.  Only those in 10th, 11th or 12th grades in April/May qualify for the senior week of camp. If you do have a conflict which would prevent your child from attending camp, either email us ([email protected]) or phone us at 334-347-0111 before registering and allow us to see if arrangements can be made first.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU REGISTER?  After you have entered and submitted all of your information, you should be directed to the payment area where you will see your account balance and make your payment. Check your email for your confirmation along with some very helpful information and instructions about getting ready for camp.  Please print this info and save for future reference.  You can also get a copy of this information by clicking the two links on this page labeled "Other Important Info" and "Things to Pack." If you do not receive the email confirmation within minutes, please either phone us at 334-347-0111 or email us at [email protected], you must hit the SUBMIT button and make your payment or your information will not be saved and your child will not be registered. 

THINGS TO BE AWARE OF:   Your health insurance information (provider, policy#, contract#) is included on the application now; so a copy of your insurance card is not needed unless the information changes before your child comes to camp.  If changes do occur, you must bring the new insurance card to check-in.

Medications to be given to campers MUST be in prescription bottles/containers from your pharmacy with doctor's name and orders on them. NO PILL ORGANIZERS ARE ACCEPTED. All meds must be given to nurse at check-in.  (Sunday afternoon 3:00-4:30 P.M.)  Please see all other items listed on "Other Important Info" and "Things to Pack" links.

NEED MORE INFO?  If you have questions, phone us at 334-347-0111 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]  If no one answers the phone, please leave name and number.


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JUNE  30- JULY 5th
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JULY   14-19th
JULY   21-26th
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